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What is The Zaky? / How to use it

Having a baby in the NICU is probably the most traumatic event for any parent and we exist to help you and your baby. The Zakys are ergonomically designed and are the only devices that have clinical evidence that significantly improve self-regulation (needed to sleep) and significantly decrease life threatening apnea and bradycardia in NICUs. It helps you by being able to provide the best possible developmental care and that by leaving your scent, your baby is not in solitude and feeling abandoned.

NICUs are no longer about survival but about making sure that s/he is provided with the proper developmental support no longer received by the womb (physical/musculoskeletal, psychologic/emotional/social, physiological and neurological development).

If your baby is not using the Zakys in your NICU, please request medical evidence of the products they are using with your baby. Please refer them to our website if they don't know about The Zakys.

If the NICU does not use The Zakys as the standard of developmental care, you may ask them to purchase The Zakys and Kangaroo Zak for your baby and add it to your baby's medical account. Our products are also available in our website so you can bring them to the hospital and use them safely at home at discharge. (Find your hospital code to give them reward points towards free products when you order online - our gift on behalf of Zachary)

There is only one chance to help babies develop correctly and it starts in the NICU. Failing to do it will cause deficiencies that will be costly and difficult to reverse with therapy, but some (like poor brain development, inability to bond with the parents, flat head, etc) are not possible to outgrow or reverse.

You are your baby's only voice and your NICU staff is your ally to provide the best developmental care possible.

Hospitals in over 32 countries use the Zakys in the NICU because they are proven to work for over one decade. Do not accept anything different than the best (evidence-based) care for your convalescent baby. Your baby's health, growth, development, and brain are in your hands!

  •        What is The Zaky?     

  •          How to use it          

The Zakys are your pair of hands that stay with your baby when you are not holding him/her. They help humanize the care of your baby and reduce morbidity as they help him/her sleep, heal, grow, thus, develop the brain.

Each Zaky are ergonomically designed to simulate your hands.

They keep the scent of the mother (the only source of comfort for the newborn at birth) and of the father (the new source of comfort) and to simulate the shape, touch, warmth, and weight of the right and left hand/forearm. Each weighs 500 grams, it is quiet, washable, transportable, and extremely versatile. Each package includes either the right or left hand, with its washing bag.

Its universal size fits all the developmental needs at every stage, regardless of size or medical condition of the baby.

The Zakys support all the developmental stages of the developing body, and they virtually replace all developmental, positioning, transitional, and bonding items on the bed/incubator, decluttering it, increasing the safety of babies, facilitating specialists to efficiently implement all strategies for development, with neurobehavioral being of our main focus.

The Zakys improve the developmental care in the NICU which in turn translates into decreasing morbidity and ensuring a better quality of life for a lifetime. By helping your baby self-regulate and reduce apnea/bradycardia event, The Zakys help him/her achieve deep sleep which is imperative for brain development. "Only while in Deep Sleep babies develop touch, Motion, Position, Smell, Taste, Vision, Auditory, Emotion, Memory" [Graven & Browne, 2008]

The Zaky properly and safely support you and the NICU staff in all areas of development: Physical, Social and Emotional, Physiological, and Neurological Development

You, as parents, are the only source of psychological support (comfort and sense of security) for your baby and your baby's most developed sense is the olfactory (smell). Place it on the chest or behind the neck for at least one hour (or overnight). Your scent combined with the unique and proprietary elements of the Zakys support falling and staying asleep, also reducing unscheduled interventions by the nursing staff. Your baby uses the precious calories to grow, develop, and heal.

Clinical studies
have demonstrated the unique effectiveness of The Zaky as the only ergonomic device that provides maximum comfort helping the baby achieve and maintain a deep sleep, leading apnea rates to zero for the babies in the study, and helping the body and brain continue developing as good as possible in the NICU environment.

The excellent results obtained by Zaky have been featured in medical reports, magazines and other important publications in United States and the rest of the world. It has received more than 16 awards for its original and innovative design and the excellent results obtained by patients who have used it.

The Zakys are raising the bar of the neonatal standard of developmental care around the world. They are used in more than three hundred hospitals and clinics worldwide.

The Zakys are independently tested and adhere to the requirements from the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

Each Zaky Package includes:

Colors and Hands Available

  • One Pair of The Zaky (Right and Left hands)
  • Two washing bags
  • Instructions/Information on the packaging
Lime, Cream, Gray, Rose, Sky Blue Right and Left

Brochure - The Zaky (PDF)

One of the most important roles as the parents in the NICU is to be present helping your baby develop as good as possible, improving the quality of life of the baby (and your family) not only in the hospital but for a lifetime.

You soon will learn how to use the Zaky to position the baby and provide the most comfortable and effective environment while being intimately attached to your baby (especially if you scent the Zakys) when you are not holding skin-to-skin with the Kangaroo Zak (and even when you are not present.)




Ask the nurses and doctors to teach you and give you resources to learn about neonatal developmental care. You are the most effective team member when it comes to provide developmental support because you are the person that knows your baby the most. You or your healthcare provider may also contact us at any time with questions or comments

Ask your baby's nurses/therapists or doctors for the amount of weight to use depending on your baby's developmental stage and size. Select the weight of the Zaky by shifting the filling: Babies less than 700 grams need only the weight of the fabric with very little filling over the body, if any. 5-6 lbs babies can hold the entire weight of the Zaky.



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