The Zaky / NICU Staff

The Zaky is the only device that single-handedly properly supports any position (sidelying, prone, supine) while providing a family-centered environment.

The Zakys may be used in any number of ways to position and comfort, calm, console and reassure the neonate:



Welcome to a gentler, more loving, and nurturing world, On Behalf Of Zachary (OBOZ)

Where to buy Well Babies and
Preemies, ill, and
hospitalized children
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"Awesome Invention Provides Comfort For NICU Babies"
Huffington Post Video with over 6 million views!
(Sections: Rise, Front Page, Parents, Facebook, The Power of Humanity):
Features Dr. Lori Shook, Neonatologist from University of Kentucky
Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend, Houston, Texas
Toyota's Standing O-Vation Award (and $25,000 grant)
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videos of The Zaky in the NICU

Dawn, an experienced NICU Nurse
from Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa explains how she uses
The Zaky to provide developmental care,
prevent flat-head shaping,
and describes how it helps parents.
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Barbara Weaver, one of the Principal Investigators presents the poster of the research about The Zaky.
The ground breaking results include significant
improvement in self-regulation and the
significant decrease of apnea/bradycardia
in preemies 24-38 week gestation.
Manuscript will be published in the September
issue of Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews.