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On Behalf of Zachary (OBOZ)


All the work that we do is On Behalf of Zachary (OBOZ). It was inspired by the experience of our CEO and founder, Yamile Jackson, when she made a promise to her son, Zachary, that his pain and struggle to survive the NICU were not going to be in vain. She promised him to help hospitalized children on his behalf.

Our commitment to helping infants grew to help all hospitalized children On Behalf of Zachary (OBOZ.) Since 2004. We have donated thousands of products to help hospitalized infants and children in over 50 countries.

The Zaky and Kangaroo Zak are used in hospitals that are committed to using evidence-based developmental care devices that are based on the relationship of parent-child. Parents are encouraged to bring our protoken of appreciationducts when the hospitals do not provide them for the children to take them home at discharge so they can continue nurturing developmental care at home.

Only with our products you provide around the clock nurturing care.



Inga Warren, International Trainer NIDCAP,
talks about why she likes our products
and how she uses them.

Donna, an Experienced Nurse from Iowa
explains how she uses the Zaky and
how it helps parents.


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    Around the world, families of hospitalized babies and children are receiving our products On Behalf Of Zachary (OBOZ). To celebrate Zachary's legacy, our prices are discounted 50% in our store for a limited time.


The OBOZ for hospitals:

Donation - tokens of appreciation

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Rehabilitation Centre "Ivan"
6 Brulova st.
Ukraine, Zaporozhye
www.valprophotography.com (go to Rehabilitation Centre "Ivan")



Prague, Czech Republic

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children
Att: James Konzelman: NICU Nurse Director
3601 A Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

From the Toldo Family
and matched by Zakeez.


Arizona Medical Center NICU in memory of Zane John Kirkendall

Our family was blessed with the long-awaited arrived of Zane John, our first grandchild, on August 25, 2007. He arrived on his Grandpa's birthday, but unfortunately, came 14 weeks too early.

Zane was a perfect little boy and we shared two weeks with him before he went to be with the Lord. At the first Christmas after we lost Zane several family members wanted to do something special for the NICU at the University of Arizona Medical Center, where Zane had spent his brief life. We joined together and instead of buying gifts for each other we sent a gift to the NICU. The next year the nursing staff asked for The Zaky Hands and we were able to send them 8 sets. In 2009 the nurses again requested Zaky Hands and we realized these must be very special for the babies. I contacted Zakeez.com to see if we could purchase the hands directly from them to help save on shipping. I was amazed when I heard from Yamile Jackson that same day and she told me about the OBOZ Program. Our family was so excited about this, and more and more family members kept calling to say they wanted to participate. For Christmas 2009 we were able to purchase 24 hands, with Yamile and Zakeez matching our gift with another 24 hands! What a thrill it was to be able to send the NICU 24 sets of hands! As a visual reminder of our Christmas gift, my cousin created a string of 24 hands so that we could celebrate together the gift for Zane and the incredible staff at the UMC-NICU.

Thank you, Yamile and Family, for making this possible!
The Family of Zane John Kirkendall

Fundacion Canguro,
Bogota, Colombia

We donated several Zakys and 600 diapers (compliments of Pampers(R)) to the Kangaroo Foundation in Bogota, Colombia
Here are some Before and After Pictures of some babies that we helped:

NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad

We made a contribution to their Kangaroo Mother Care program and are looking at ways to continue helping them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I buy it for a mom with a high-risk pregnancy or for a baby that may come with medical complications?

Yes. Whether the mom or the baby are hospitalized or there is an indication that the baby may come early or with complications, our products are for you.

What if the hospital has not mentioned these products? Can we still use them?

Yes, all hospitals approve (and most recommend) that parents bring their own Zakys and Kangaroo Zaks. Please request the person responsible for developmental care to contact us if they have not heard about our products - hospitals@nurturedbydesign.com

Unfortunately, some hospitals allocate low/no budget for developmental care and they request parents to bring our products to be used with their baby.

Parents that buy their own, they can take The Zaky and Kangaroo Zak at discharge and continue providing sound developmental care at home. Developmental care should not stop at hospital discharge.

Will the recipient know my information?

Only if you indicate it.  You may remain anonymous, or we can send your name, address and/or phone number with a greeting card. We will only share the information that you approve.
We also can request that the organization waits to distribute them until you decide (some like to visit and give the official thank you in person).

What if I do not have a specific organization in mind?

We have a list of hospitals, orphanages, and rehabilitation facilities that are in need for our products. We will give you a list and you may select.

What organizations are eligible?

Any hospital unit that cares for newborn babies and children is elligible. Around the globe.

If the hospital wants more The Zaky and/or Kangaroo Zaks, do you offer discounts?

We offer quantity discounts to hospitals. Click here to request information.