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Apnea_Bradycardia Research ResultsNurtured by Design is the first company in its class and we are breaking ground in the area of evidence-based ergonomic devices for neonatal developmental care, kangaroo care, and brain maturation.

As the global leader of neonatal ergonomics we provide solutions that significantly improve the environment/habitat of newborns in thousands of homes and hundreds of hospitals globally. Our products have been independently and clinically evaluated and positively recommended by families and important personalities and institutions in the healthcare industry globally.

We remain loyal to our philosophy of researching the importance of the parents in the care of the babies and how to positive integrate them in each of our designs.

More than a portfolio of commercial products, we create devices inspired on human nature and maternal instinct that actually save lives and improve the quality of life of babies, families, and society at large - for a lifetime.



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This research was published in the September, 2015 issue of the Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews.

The Zaky® is a product by Nurtured by Design and it is the ergonomic device designed to provide nurturing developmental care to babies in the NICU since it was released in 2004 after 3 years of development.

It is now used in any unit in the hospital with babies and toddlers (pediatric/oncology/post partum/cardiology/etc.) and with healthy babies and children including those with working or traveling parents.

now it was proven to aid the premature infant’s in the study by significantly improving self-regulation and significantly decreasing apnea/bradycardia (Zero episodes for babies using maternally scented The Zaky).

It is our distinct honor to announce that the results of the independent randomized control trial about The Zaky have been published in the 2015 September issue of Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews – click here for the publication.

This independent clinical research about the Zaky [maternal simulated intervention] was presented at the American Public Health Association's (APHA) Annual Meeting (Washington DC, Nov. 2011), and at the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) Annual Conference (Palm Springs, CA, Oct. 2012)

Neuroprotective Core Measure 2: Partnering with Families – Effects of a Weighted Maternally-Scented Parental Simulation Device on Premature Infants in Neonatal Intensive Care

It was funded in its entirety by Georgia College and performed at the Regional Medical Center of Central Georgia. We want to congratulate and thank the principal investigators and all the team that worked on this groundbreaking research:

  • Kendra Russell, PhD, RN – Macon Graduate Center, Georgia College & State University
  • Barbara Weaver, RN
  • Robert L. Vogel, Ph.D, – HSU College of Public Health, Georgia Southern University
Conclusion: Neuroprotective supportive care using a weighted maternally-scented parental simulation device resulted in increased physiologic stability of premature and early term infants through the promotion of self-regulation seen by reduction of stressful behaviors, and decreased apnea, and bradycardia.

VIDEO: Poster Research Presentation at the APHA Meeting, 2011
Washington DC: "Give them a hand to develop their brain"
By Barbara Weaver, RN,
NICU, Medical Center of Central Georgia,
Macon, GA

VIDEO: Conversation with Dr. Robert Vogel, PhD, principal investigator and biostatistician.
Professor of Biostatistics,
Jiann-Ping Hsu College of public Health,
Georgia Southern University,
Statesboro, GA
Click here for the poster's PDF file



Since our first’s days as Zakeez, Inc. where our founder first invented The Zaky to save her own son, to our evolution as Nurtured by Design, we have always privileged the safety, sound development and stability of the baby, the natural desire of the parents to heal and nurture their newborn, and the need of professionals to provide the best care in each stage and area of developmental care to multiple babies simultaneously.

Behind every product there is a multidisciplinary team of professionals and families led by Yamile Jackson, (PhD in ergonomics engineering) supporting the success from product conception to implementation. Each product development project has a duration of around three years before the product is released to market.

The dedication of Dr. Jackson and the team to each stage of design and development has positioned us as pioneers in the creation of devices where the human factor is the most relevant differentiator.

We are working with several institutions in developing ergonomic solutions that meet their individual needs.

Contact us if you have identified an area in need for improvement, or need or have an idea for a new product that would solve a problem. We can provide assistance in all or any step from product or process improvement conception to manufacturing and marketing.

You were looking for evidence that the Kangaroo Zak works in NICUs and here are the results of an implementation project in multi facility in Portugal.

In the December, 2015 issue of the Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews is the article about the effort of implementing kangaroo care in Portugal. The wrap they used is the ergonomically designed Kangaroo Zak made by Nurtured by Design, the makers of The Zaky.  We are raising the bar and humanizing the care of babies.

  The Sobreviver (Survive) Project

Please also see this video where Mary Coughlin (the author) talks about her reason behind the extensive evaluation of the tool selection and the ultimate selection of the Kangaroo Zak.



After extensive evaluation of the different devices for Kangaroo Care, why was the Kangaroo Zak selected?


Other hospitals that use the Kangaroo Zak as their standard of Care for kangaroo care include Loma Linda Children's Hospital, Mayo Clinics, Albany Regional Medical Center, Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Wake Forest and Brenner in North Carolina, REX Healthcare, and many more! 


Nurtured by Design sponsored a Poster Presented at Graven's Conference (March 2013):

The Science Behind Kangaroo Care

By Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP and Barbara Weaver, CCRN

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Poster Science Behind KC